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Compliance Standards was established largely to support OEMs in designing products that end-users desire and respect. Brand image is linked to the way products are designed. Specific to us at Compliance Standards, it is about broad sustainability designs that take into account the following:

Design for Reuse: considering the longevity and durability of any system so that REUSE, a key concept in sustainability applies to your products.

Design for Recycling: taking into account the ability for recyclers to demanufacture, disassemble assets, and harvest parts so are to reusing the components, and then recycling into the commodity market.

Design for Compliance:  An increasing number of systems, including networks and data centers, bearing storage components are being placed into the market. Products that take into account data security are likely to gain greater consumer/user acceptance than competing products that fail to address compliance issues.

Energy Efficient: Finally energy consumption remains and will continue to be in the hearts and minds of consumers, device user and data center managers.

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