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ITAD in the Broad ITAM Context

Free access with registration:  This podcast is a discussion between David Daoud and Barbara Scott, VP of Research and Consulting at Compliance Standards.  The discussion centers around ITAD within the context of ITAM. Send us your feedback at...

On ITAD Financing and One Potential Industry Scenario for the Future

There has been no shortage of interest in third-party funding of IT asset management (ITAM) companies over the past years, and that’s been certainly true for the end-of-life phase of ITAM, known as IT Asset Disposition (ITAD).  Financiers, including private equity...

ITAD Sector Back to Square One: Presentation, Audio & Video

Free access with registration:  This report is a transcript of a presentation made by Compliance Standards’ analyst David Daoud during the electronics recycling conference organized by Resource Recycling in Orlando, Florida, on September 19, 2017. The presentation was...

Announcing 2018 ITAD/eRecycling Research and Advisory Series

Announcing 2018 ITAD/eRecycling Research and Advisory Series Compliance Standards LLC is pleased to announce its 2018 research agenda.  In addition to the enterprise ITAD research, we will debut a consumer electronics recycling research initiative.  The...

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Introducing the Principals

David Daoud

David Daoud

Managing Director, VP Research

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Barbara Scott

Barbara Scott

Vice President, Research & Consulting

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