Blog | August 13th

IT Product Evolution and ITAD Sector Outlook

Since 2010, with the advent of the first generation iPad, there has been a permanent discussion over the end of the PC. The news over the contracting PC sales continued this past quarter as market research firms Gartner and IDC released their 2Q15. IDC’s estimated worldwide shipments down -11.8% year over year, and Gartner went with a rate of -9.5%. For the US market, Gartner’s figure was less severe but still poor performance of -5.8%, versus IDC’s -3.3%

In the big scheme of things, the delta between the two makes no difference to the narrative: that is PC shipments remain depressed. Most PC Analysts explained this decline (partly) by stating that buyers are postponing their purchases due to the pending release of Windows 10. However,…

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