About Compliance Standards LLC

Forward Thinking

Compliance Standards LLC is a premium advisory, consulting and research service that provides management and market intelligence specific to IT management, IT asset life cycle, all the way to electronics products end of life.  Our coverage focuses not only on compliance issues, but also on discovering best practice, efficiencies, cost control techniques and brand protection.

Compliance Standards provides proprietary engagements, research and consulting to customers on both the supply side (vendors and service providers) and demand side (end-users), as well as commentary, expert analysis and published discussions on the topic.

In addition to our premium advisory and research services, we are building an industry network within our site comprising of members of ITAM ecosystem.

Assessing Today, Preparing Tomorrow

CS endeavors to look at today’s issues to face tomorrow’s challenges. We seek to understand markets, behaviors, technologies, and processes, and put forward steps that will help you achieve your growth, remain competitive and protect your assets.

Forward Thinking

It’s all about the future.  Everything that CS does is to impact future projects. We only look back at history so that we can make the outlook evolve in favor of our customer.  When we analyze today’s events, we always seek answers as to the impacts of such events in shaping the future.

Problem Solvers

Managers and their organizations face issues that many consider as either too daunting or too small to worry. We think that no challenge should be left without a solution. No daunting task cannot find a logical resolution. We are here to help assess your issues, and help you neutralize them.

Customer Focused

It is all about our customer. We are here to help customers navigate the challenges they face, from identifying processes and partners, to ensuring that they remain relevant and competitive in the ever-changing marketplace.


David Daoud

David Daoud

Managing Director, VP Research

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Barbara Scott

Barbara Scott

Vice President, Research & Consulting

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