2018 Research and Advisory Agenda

Compliance Standards LLC (CS) is pleased to announce its 2018 Research and Advisory Agenda.

  1. CS will offer two major Core Quantitative/Qualitative Surveys (CQQS), which will form the main sources of proprietary primary data. The first relates to enterprise IT asset disposition (ITAD), while the second will be about consumer electronics recycling.   The above data will be collected via a combination of survey and executive interviews, and will form a substantial part of the Advisory and Qualitative Analysis section.
  2. Subscribers and sponsors of CQQS will have access to all the data, raw and treated, as well as a presentation of the results, augmented with a pool of hours that the sponsor can use to probe CS analysts.  Please see diagram below for the details.
  3. Advisory and Qualitative Analysis comprises of two sub-sections.  The first is report series or syndicated research, which will provide at least 12 annual reports, with an agenda that would include key topics of ITAD/e-Recycling in terms of user adoption and perception, competitive analysis, and other topics that will keep you and your teams informed of the latest from an independent analyst standpoint.
  4. Custom work allows the customer to decide what best suits them. We offer from strategy sessions to white papers, and much more.  See diagram below.
Compliance Standards' 2018 Agenda

Compliance Standards’ 2018 Agenda


If you are interested in sponsoring/purchasing the complete or partial research/advisory portfolio, or you would like to discuss your specific needs and requirements, please contact us at:  inquiries@compliance-standards.com or call us at US+508-981-6937.


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