Compliance Standards is pleased to announce the holding of its 2018 Exclusive Executive Retreat to discuss electronics and IT asset recovery. The Retreat will be held in April 2018 in the fantastic city of Austin.  The two-day forum is open to no more than 20 senior-level executives from companies active in electronics and IT asset recovery.  Compliance Standards analysts will present the latest data and market trends.  A select number of industry executives will also contribute to share their insights on the latest issues and challenges.  Compliance Standards will invite a select number of executives from large US enterprises to also share their experiences, pain points and challenges.

Tentative program schedule

Compliance Standards envisages the program to run as follows:

Day 1:

  • Morning session:  Analyst presentations on state of electronics/IT equipment recovery market
  • Afternoon session: Analyst presentations on the challenges of incorporating ITAD in the ITAM
  • Evening: Networking, dinner and entertainment

Day 2:

  • Morning session:
    • Guest speakers from industry
    • Guest speakers from large enterprises
  • Afternoon session: Round table discussion on the way forward
  • Closing remarks

Attendance and eligibility

The retreat is meant for a very small number of senior executives who work for organizations that have a significant impact on the sector.  We will only accommodate no more than 20 executives. Organizations with significant impact include companies that deal with large volumes of assets, have significant recovery operations, have dense and advanced logistics and asset transportation capabilities, have solid asset handling infrastructure, etc.  Companies that are included in this list are OEMs, leasing/financing firms, logistics and transportation firms, major IT equipment distributors, telecom firms, major IT asset disposition organizations, major ITAM firms, etc.

Guests to the retreat must be senior-level officials who can share their views on the sector and propose ideas for the future. Ideal participants should be minimum Vice President level, and in the case of very large companies, Director level.

If you are interested and you fit the above requirements, please submit your application below.


Compliance Standards would like to make the retreat accessible to attendees with minimal cost.  CS will require a $500 per-guest fee to cover for the basics.  No more than two executives will be allowed per company.  Guests will be responsible for their travel and lodging costs, and special hotel rates will be made available for those eligible.

Sponsorship Opportunity

CS welcomes any opportunity to helps pay for the event, including paying for the conference room, lunches, dinner and entertainment.  Sponsors can pick one or more of the items above. We do not have a specific figure in mind, so please fill out the sponsorship form below and let’s talk soon.

Attendance Eligibility Form

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Retreat Sponsorship Form

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