Corporate Council on Recycling

CORPORATE COUNCIL ON RECYCLING (CCR) is pleased to host a number of companies that use IT equipment and electronics and are concerned about their decommissioning, with data security, the environment, and cost in mind.

CCR’s purpose is to get the voice of the end-user heard in the debates over ITAD and electronics end of life, debates that have been essentially dominated by the ITAD/recycling industry and the environmentalists, with very little input from end users.

Hosted by independent advisory firm Compliance Standards, the purpose of CCR is to discuss the specific tasks and functions involved in IT equipment recycling, and identify best practice. These best practices, whether they focus on data security, on site services, logistics/transport, de-manufacturing, remarketing, reporting, etc… could be used as benchmarks for CCR members and others interested in establishing sound recycling practices.

CCR is open to stakeholders of any company with executives and managers playing a role in procurement, IT, purchasing/sourcing, finance, corporate social responsibility, facilities, etc.

How does the process work?

Compliance Standards will establish a series of whitepapers that address the relevant tasks of electronics recycling. Each whitepaper will be distributed to CCR members for review. Comments, new concepts and new ideas based on CCR members experience will be solicited as to improve upon the whitepaper, that would turn into actionable strategies that organizations can use to assess their own performance and activities.  A private online community is made available for CCR members, who will be free to debate any topic relevant to their common issue. Conclusions of the final version of the whitepapers will be shared with the recycling industry so as to help it improve its practices based on customer feedback.

In an effort to guarantee maximum neutrality and credibility, a number of companies will not be allowed to take part to CCR, including:

  • OEMs
  • Leasing firms
  • Financing firms
  • Recyclers
  • Disposition services providers
  • Distributors
  • Market research firms
  • Law firms
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Etc.

Neutrality and Effective Outcome:

CCR will be hosted by independent firm Compliance Standards, a firm established by IT Analyst David Daoud. David has spearheaded all recycling related research and advisory services at IDC for nearly a decade. He has conducted a series of research to identify the pain point in enterprise and consumer recycling. He is also the author of IDC GRADE certification.

Benefits of Joining CCR:

There are many benefits for joining CCR. That starts with your involvement in defining benchmark and best practice, and bring the voice of your own company into future practices. It is also about networking with peers from a wide range of industries, from financial institutions to healthcare, form government to services sector, and in between. It is also about accessing, free of charge, all key Compliance Standards syndicated research.  Some of the work we plan for 2014 is listed in the Syndicated Research Agenda section on this page.  All that yours for free.

Although joining CCR is generally by invitation only, if you feel you could both learn from and benefit CCR members, please fill out this application form, which will be submitted for review. To be considered, follow this link.

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