Research Announcement: 2016 Consumer Recycling: Trends & Outlook

We often hear this:  “I have many CRTs, CPUs, keyboards, mice and even old refrigerators stored in the basement. What do I do with that?”  –  We all know someone; perhaps even ourselves, who has no clear guidance on how to recycle retired electronics and appliances.

For consumers, recycling choices are not so obvious. Channels to get retired devices out of the attics and into the proper recycling streams are not often clearly defined. States and municipalities have different programs, many of which are poorly communicated.  Retailers and OEMs have their own takeback strategies that are often costly and not so well assessed.

This state of uncertainty in consumer recycling is not only bad for the environment, but also a major challenge for those seeking to create sustainable recycling and takeback programs, including OEMs and the retailers, and by extension recyclers themselves. How does one design a takeback program that does not sink money, but is either neutral from a cost perspective, or profitable at best. How does a recycler prioritize his/her capital expenditure without an understanding of the market conditions?

Compliance Standards LLC proposes to look into consumer recycling in North America with the view of answering the key questions that could help move the consumer electronic recycling debate forward. As we plan our next wave of consumer research, sponsors interested in this topic are invited to connect with us to discuss their specific needs as we plan the research.

To contact us about this project and/or sponsorship opportunity, please use one of the following:

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