ITAD Sector Back to Square One: Presentation, Audio & Video

Free access with registration:  This report is a transcript of a presentation made by Compliance Standards’ analyst David Daoud during the electronics recycling conference organized by Resource Recycling in Orlando, Florida, on September 19, 2017. The presentation was meant to provide an update on where the IT asset disposition sector stands today. ITAD is a critical component of the electronic recycling sector and naturally, needs to be addressed properly. The presentation started with a description of the background leading to where we are today, then highlighting the industry’s current situation, and finally attempting some basic predictions and recommendations.

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David Daoud | Analyst
David Daoud has researched the mainstream IT hardware market since 1996 and expanded into hardware disposition research in 2003. He has spearheaded the creation of IDC’s GRADE certification. Since then, David has been providing consulting and expert advice to companies looking to establish best practice in their IT equipment decommissioning and helped leading ITAD service providers assess demand, understand competition, and forecast what’s to come. David is currently the Principal Analyst at Compliance Standards, which focuses entirely on the end-of-life of IT equipment. He can be reached at 508-981-6937 or at
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