Although some of Compliance Standards’ content is accessible for free, most of what CS premium is Premium Research that requires skills,  investments and time to complete. Accessing them is subscription bases.  We are grateful to our sponsors and clients who provide us with the necessary support. We also  welcome new sponsors and customers.

What we offer includes: 

In an nutshell, we offer scheduled published research, consisting of a series of premium reports. We also offer custom consulting and advisor services. CS’ site allows industry professionals to network.  Details below:

Premium Subscription Service to Research Reports.

Compliance Standards produces scheduled reports that customers can buy based on an annual or quarterly subscription. Subscriptions can be paid once per year or on the per six-months basis, providing clients with discounts. Premium Reports are produced on a scheduled basis and provide insights, market assessments and market analytics on the IT asset management market.

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Custom & Advisory Services.

Compliance Standards can customize its services to meet the needs of the clients.  Whether you are a vendor, a channel player, and end-user organization, CS can help you define the parameters of your specific needs and design programs that address your challenges. Find out more, click on the link to the right.
End-User Program Design and Implementation

Compliance Standards helps end-user organizations understand the various challenges of IT asset management, and can offer either a program review or recommendations to improve or overhaul your existing IT asset management platform or process. This includes client support in understanding requirements, vendor and supply-side ecosystem, product analysis, etc.
Industry Networking

Compliance Standards website is a platform for industry professionals to network and communicate.  We make this feature available to anyone interested in the sector, and membership is free. Membership must be accepted by CS and users must abide by basic rules of engagement.






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