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This year, Compliance Standards is debuting its predictions for the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) space for the year 2014. This is probably the first of its kind in our sector, while the prediction tradition has existed for a long time for all other IT markets.

While there is plenty to speculate, the list below contains 11 interesting events we are anticipating. You will notice that the primary predictions center on M&A activity. This is because the sector’s reorganization is not complete and is likely to extend for many more years. In 2014, there will be many fine companies out there to grab, and many of them are based outside of the US, where M&A activity will gradually shift to.

Other predictions hint on difficult times ahead for the sector, including dealing with decreasing ASPs, reduced origination, stressed customers, challenged DfE (design for the environment), and other factors.

Here are some of the most provocative predictions for 2014. You are invited to contribute with your own views.  Join this group where a wiki is made available for you to contribute. Our first take is already published there, just feel free to expand.

To access this working wiki located at you must join Compliance Standards network first.  To do so, please fill out the brief appropriate form here. You will then be informed of your membership promptly and you will be able to read and contribute to the predictions report.

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